Hearts that Care’s Annual Canned Food Drive

It’s time for our Can Food Drive!! We are excited to be adding Natomas and Fair Oaks to this years drive and we hope to below the doors off of last year’s total pounds of food raised!

For 2012 the Roseville Market Center collected 3500 pounds of food for the Salvation Army. This was the largest amount of food we have ever collected! This year we would love to raise 5000 pounds of food at all 3 MC’s. This is equal to 10 pounds of food for each agent in the 3 offices!

HTC will be providing a Donation Basket for placement in your Lobby, We have flyer’s and bags we will also be giving to our office for distribution to agent and staff. There will also be a display board to track your donations and get people excited about this project!

Part of last years success was several teams challenged each other to donate $100, $500 or $1,000 in food. At the Roseville Office we had 4 teams that took this challenge and gave $500 or $1,000 in food or funds for us to shop for food.

We will gladly take money to purchase food for an agent in our market center’s as well. Checks should be made payable to Hearts that Care.

Food Collected will be picked up the week of Thanksgiving!

canned food drive

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