Our mission

Hearts That Care is a not for profit focused on giving back to our community. We like to describe our cause as not only providing monetary help to those in need, but also hope and human kindness.
We have been able to provide help and support for many in their darkest and most vulnerable moments.

With your compassionate hearts we have provide Holiday meals to those who would have gone hungry. We have reached out to Families where tragic events have left them struggling to figure out what to do and how to do it. We have given once in life time wishes to children who were only here with us for a brief moment of time, but touched the souls of many. And we have renewed the hearts of strangers with one single act of kindness.

As an organization committed to giving back to those in need, it is with great pride we can share, the assistance we provide is quick and responsive. Our Board of Directors is committed to assessing each unique situation and need quickly. We are then able to determine how we can help and expedited our grant application so that assistance is provided within hours of the request being received. We recognized the importance of reaching out and following up with each grant and we continue to mentor with our recipients to ensure their success in overcoming their challenge’s.

It is imperative to the success of Hearts that Care we continue to raise funds so that we can provide the much needed aid and support to those who need us during difficult times. We never believe it can happen to us, but with one phone call we can be dropped to our knees. You may think you are just one person in this world, but to one person you maybe their world. Knowing there is someone here to reach out to when you don’t know what to do or where to turn is a priceless gift to give someone.

Thank you for visiting our website today we hope it will share more information about Hearts that Care, our fundraising events and those who we have provided Grants or Assistance to. As well as to inform you about our Non-profit status and our Vision for the future. We hope you will find the information useful and it will encourage you to continue to support this valuable organization.

Unlike many other organizations Hearts that Care has a very small operating expense; this allows the majority of your donations to be used to help those in their darkest hour.

We deeply appreciate all the support from our Pay it Forward Members, Vendors, Corporate and Individual donors, and Volunteers whose generous contributions allow us to fulfill our mission. Thank you again!

Our Vision

To foster and nurture a culture of caring by raising funds and establishing resources to aid to the Community in times of emergency and hardship. Understanding each need has a unique background,relationship and responsibility that impact their life, thereby creating a legacy which empowers and touches all in a positive way

This foundation is governed in part by board members who are also Realtors with Keller Williams Realty.

Hearts that Care is a fully recognized 501 (c) 3 non profit organization.

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