Those We Helped

A Story of Compassion…

folio12It is every Mothers worse nightmare, your phone rings in the middle of the night. When you answer it everything in your world changes and quickly. Your son who had traveled to Thailand to begin his MMA Kickboxing career has been in a horrific accident, the doctors tell you he is in a coma, his face had been crushed, and he has several broken bones and internal bleeding. The doctor informs you, your insurance will not work in his country and in order for your son to receive the necessary surgery to save his life you need to send CASH. What do you do??

This horrific event happened to Kathy Dyer and her son David Minter. Her entire family was paralyzed by shock and grief. Kathy used every credit card she had to pull as much cash together that she could. She emptied her savings and borrowed money from close friends and family, but still needed more.

An agent at Keller Williams who partners with Kathy, contact Hearts That Care and we quickly went to work providing resources and assistance to Kathy and her family. In addition to the medical cost, there was expense to travel to Thailand to be with her son, there was also the need for a flight home once David was stable enough to return

As any parent would do Kathy stopped working, as a self employed Real Estate Professional; this compounds the impact. Hearts That Care also provided assistance with handling Kathy’s clients and business to ensure her financial security continued.

David underwent several surgeries in Thailand, and after many weeks he was stable enough to return to the U.S. Upon returning home he suffered infection, and further complications which resulted in several more surgeries, skin grafts, and additional treatment.

Over a year later I am thankful to share David is doing well. His recovery has been difficult but his renewed faith in the kindness of strangers has empowered him to want to share his story and motivate others to overcome their obstacles.

David’s life is an inspiration to all of us and Hearts That Care is honored to have been there to provide aid and assistance to him and his family during this time.