“One act of kindness has restored my belief in humanity. Very few people are able to give unconditionally and to understand exactly what is needed in a moment that can be so dark. You are a light to many and all who you touch! Thank you for everything you have given my family.”

Luda Petrenko,

“Hearts That Care, thank you for giving my children a chance to minster to children in a third world country. This opportunity taught them to appreciate all the things they have and allowed them to experience how difficult other children have it. They built lasting friendships and gained valuable insight into our world and how one act of kindness can bring hope to so many. This was an amazing gift to give them!”

Daryl Flanning,

“You are all angles among us! Thank you Hearts That Care for the grant to assist with my hardship. When I learned my mother’s lung transplant had been rejected and there were a very precious time to travel to her to say goodbye, you stepped in, assisting with flight arrangements to get me home. I am unable to truly share how much this met to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Jeff Sutter,

“Thank you Hearts That Care, when I learned my father’s illness would take his life, it became very important that our Holiday Season be filled with family and memories we could cherish. Two days before Thanksgiving my stove stopped working, 26 family members were traveling from all over to make this Thanksgiving special… Now what was I going to do. You stepped in and helped buy a new stove, arranged for it to be delivered, and gave my family the Holiday we had hoped for. You are all angles who know just what to do, when it is needed… Thank You!”

Catherine Sheppard,